PCR Technology

PCR Technology

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PCR TechnologyPolymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a widely-used technique and workhorse application to amplify or copy small pieces of DNA in order to generate thousands to millions of copies of a DNA sequence.

PCR amplification produces the significant amounts of DNA required for molecular and genetic analysis.

Variations of the technology are available to support PCR testing, which includes thermal cyclers, gradient PCR machines, PCR workstations and cabinets, and qPCR machines.

When choosing a thermal cycler, factors to consider include the well or tube capacity, the temperature range (for example, 4–99 °C), ramp speed, and instrument programmability.

What Are Applications for PCR Technology and PCR Systems?

One of the most useful tools in the molecular biology laboratory, uses for PCR include genetic testing and tissue typing, detection of bacteria or viruses such as AIDS, DNA fingerprinting, and mapping performed in the Human Genome Project.

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