Pharmaceutical Tablet Testing Equipment

Pharmaceutical Tablet Testing Equipment

Tablets are the most common pharmaceutical dosage type administered to people today. Tablets come in a variety of shapes Pharmaceutical Tablet Testing Equipmentand formats.

Testing Pharmaceutical Tablets

Equipment used by the pharmaceutical industry must provide accurate, repeatable measurement of the following:

  • tablet disintegration
  • tablet dissolution
  • tablet friability
  • tablet hardness

Different Types of Pharmaceutical Tablet Testing Instruments

Apparatus to measure disintegration usually comprises a basket assembly that is lowered into simulated gastric fluid. It is used to test regular, coated, and delayed-release tablets. Dissolution samplers, which measure drug solubilization, use a basket or paddle method at common speeds of 50, 75, or 100 rpm. Friability equipment, for testing tablet performance during handling and storage, uses a rotating drum and motor or an oscillating arm.Hardness testers range from simple handheld units to fully automated systems.

What Are Considerations When Choosing Pharmaceutical Tablet Testing Equipment?

Be sure to verify pharmacopeial compliance if necessary. Next, consider the needs of the lab: Are simple operation and portability paramount, or the ability to test several batches of tablets simultaneously? Units that permit independent control of several test stations are useful for comparison purposes.

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