Discrete Analyzer

Discrete Analyzer

A discrete analyzer is an automated chemical analyzer in which the instrument performs tests on samples that are kept in discrete containers in contrast to a continuous flow analyzer (SFA and/or FIA).

Discrete analyzers have had a long, successful history in the clinical market, and were introduced into the Environmental and Wine markets about a decade ago.

Like other discrete analyzers, Astoria-Pacific’s Discrete is very simple to operate:

  • The Operator selects the test(s) he/she would like to run and enters the Sample IDs and any other pertinent information for the analysis
  • Sample test tubes and reagent bottles are loaded onto the system
  • The run is started
  • The system uses its robotic arm, sample needle and syringe to mix samples and reagents in replaceable and inexpensive reaction cuvettes. NOTE: If selected to do so, the system can create a calibration curve from a single stock standard, thereby reducing time and errors related to manual techniques
  • Once the end point of the reaction is completed, the photometer measures the resultant absorbance
  • The data is collected by the rAPID software. NOTE: The data can then be exported to your LIMS system or other worksheet

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