Laboratory Digestion Systems

Laboratory Digestion Systems

Digestion systems are available to fit the sample prep requirements and budget of every laboratory, ranging from heating blocks to bomb-type pressure digestion to microwave digestion systems for AAS, ICP, and ICP-MS.


Fields of application include:

  • environmental
  • clinical
  • food and feed
  • pharmaceutical
  • materials testing industries

UltraWAVE Microwave Digestion System from Milestone Inc speedwave two Microwave Digestion System from Berghof GmbH Multiwave ECO Microwave Digetion System from Anton Paar UltraCLAVE Microwave Digestion System from Milestone Inc

Considerations for purchasing a Laboratory Digestion System

Each type of digestion has its benefits: For microwave digestion systems, the perk is speed. Much higher working temperatures (beyond 300 °C) and the use of sealed vessels mean complete digestions can often be achieved in <30 min.

Microwave technology is also offered in open-vessel systems for atmospheric digestions. Heating blocks have the advantage regarding sample capacity, with the ability to digest 50 samples simultaneously with minimal supervision.

Pressure digestion apparatus can reach working pressures up to 200 bar, a good choice for difficult samples that require lengthy digestion (over a period of several days, if required) or large sample masses. Safety is a high priority here; look for systems with permanently closed vessels or controlled pressure release.

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