Process Analyzer / Process Analysis

Process Analyzer / Process Analysis

Process Analyzer: Process Analytics for Real-Time Analysis

Process analyzer technology can help analyze a product as it goes through processing, determining, among other things, chemical composition, boiling point, freezing point, viscosity, pressure, and color. It compares the sample to a set calibration to see if the product is contaminated, as any contamination will change the features of the sample.

Process analysis can help identify critical process parameters (CPPs) and critical quality attributes (CQAs) to ensure that the result is quality by design (QbD). Process analysis will use different testing methods based on which parameters are being analyzed.


Process analysis allows industries, such as petrochemical refineries, chemical plants, and pharmaceuticals to determine and ensure that their products are free from impurities.

Range of Instrumentation

Aside from the various types of process analyzer, typical formats available include:

  • At-Line Process Analyzers
  • In-Line Process Analyzers
  • On-Line Process Analyzers

XDS Process Analytics Single Fiber Analyzers from FOSS NIRSystems Compact Online VOC Detector from Ionicon Analytik Product Analyzer from FOSS NIRSystems Process Analysis System from FOSS NIRSystems

Considerations for purchasing a process analyzer

To determine which process analyzer is best suited for your needs, you should look at what exactly you want analyzed, one test at a time or several, and how fast you want the process analysis to be done.

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