Chromatography Columns

Chromatography Columns

Chromatography columns are used to separate out individual components of a liquid sample. The chromatography column is a Chromatography Columnsglass tube filled with a solid substance, the stationary phase, through which the liquid sample, the mobile phase, runs. Because of molecule size and polarity, different components get through the column at different rates. The sample is then collected in small volumes and analyzed for content.


Chromatography columns are used in pharmaceutical and petroleum industries, environmental sciences, and toxicology to test for impurities or toxins. In clinical forensic settings, the chromatography column is often used to test blood alcohol levels.

Range of chromatography columns

There are several different types of chromatography columns including gas chromatography, low pressure or high pressure liquid chromatography, those with a dry stationary phase, and chromatography columns with a wet stationary phase.

Considerations for purchasing chromatography columns

The size of the chromatography column, the substance that makes up the stationary phase, and the temperature range you will be working with all need to be taken into consideration when choosing a chromatography column.

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