Chromatography Process Analyzers

Chromatography Process Analyzers

Chromatography process analyzers take data retrieved from chromatography and analyze it to determine the compounds, type and amount, that make up a sample. Chromatography is used to separate the individual components that make up a sample. It is used in a wide variety of industries, such as environmental, pharmaceutical, biological, and chemical, and in education and research. Chromatography can use affinity for the stationary phase, charged particles, or molecular size to separate the parts of the whole, but the chromatography process analyzer would work the same way with any type of chromatography. The chromatography process analyzer reads the data produced by the chromatography and determines what the components of the sample are and how much of each are present.

Considerations for purchasing a chromatography process analyzer

Some characteristics that may vary between chromatography process analyzers are how long the analysis takes and what sample libraries are available.

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