Blood Bank Equipment (Blood Banking)

Blood Bank Equipment (Blood Banking)

When donating blood we see needles, tubing, and bags, but there are many more types of blood bank equipment being used behind the scenes. Refrigerators and freezers are used to store whole blood, plasma, and red blood cells. Thawing baths help thaw plasma and red cells safely, quickly, and reliably. Blood bank equipment includes analyzers that check donated blood for things as disparate as evidence of drugs of abuse and average blood sugar levels for the past four months.

Automated cell washing equipment is used to speed up the antibody searches and check for cross-matching between donor and recipient. Centrifuges are used by blood banks to separate out red blood cells or platelet-rich plasma from the whole blood.

Considerations for purchasing blood bank equipment

Blood bank equipment needs vary from blood bank to blood bank. How busy the blood bank is will help determine the capacity of refrigerators and freezers and the speed and capacity of thawing baths. Other determining factors as to which blood bank equipment is needed are whether the blood bank deals in only whole blood or separates it, analyzes the blood it draws, and if it does cross-matching.

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