Clinical Mass Spectrometry / Clinical Diagnostics Mass Spectrometer

Clinical Mass Spectrometry / Clinical Diagnostics Mass Spectrometer

Mass spectrometry is a type of analysis that can determine what molecules make up a sample based on the spectrum created by the ions that are present.

Clinical mass spectrometry uses the mass spectrometry technology for diagnostic purposes. Employed by medical labs, clinical mass spectrometry is used to diagnose metabolism deficiencies, to determine whether biomarkers or enzymes are present, and for toxicology testing.

Clinical diagnostic mass spectrometers can analyze a small amount of sample for many things at once, making them a valuable tool for a diagnostic medical laboratory.

Considerations for purchasing a clinical mass spectrometer?

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When deciding to purchase a mass spectrometer for clinical diagnostic use, one should look at several features that can vary between instruments. The amount of space available for the clinical mass spectrometer and the budget to buy it need to be considered. How comprehensive the library of reference spectra is and how easy the user interface is to work with are also important features to look into before buying a clinical diagnostic mass spectrometer.

Latest advances and uses of clinical mass spectrometry

One of the new ways that clinical mass spectrometry is being used is to quantitatively detect small amounts of proteins, biomarkers, or drug molecules, even when their concentrations are low. The ability to use small samples with low concentrations has allowed researchers to determine pharmacokinetic profiles of drugs that have been given in microdoses. This protects the patient from possible adverse effects of the drug while allowing scientists to determine what happens to the drug in the body. The small sample and concentration requirements of clinical mass spectrometry have also made it easier to get information specific to pediatric patients, who sometimes cannot provide a large enough sample for traditional analysis methods.

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