Hematology Instruments

Hematology Instruments

Hematology instruments are machines that analyze blood. Used in medical labs, hematology instruments can do blood counts, detect proteins or enzymes, and help to diagnose illnesses or genetic defects.

The instruments include analyzers, flow cytometers, coagulation analyzers, and slide stainers. Hematology analyzers help to diagnose anemias, infections, viruses, genetic problems, diabetes, cancers, and determine plasma drug levels, for both therapeutic and illicit drugs. Flow cytometers count blood cells and detect biomarkers which indicate certain cancers or organ failures. Coagulation analyzers test how long it takes for blood to clot, allowing for monitoring of blood thinning drugs. Slide stainers automatically make and stain slides from a blood sample.

Considerations for purchasing hematology instruments

The type of hematology instrument that will work best in your lab depends on the volume of testing and what type of testing you need to do. Some hematology instruments run one kind of analysis and others run several. The capacity of the instrument and its speed will vary between machines, as will the size of the sample needed. Having an automatic slide stainer will allow a sample to make more slides than if made manually, so if there is a need for many slides from one sample, this could be an important hematology instrument to have.

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