Histology and Pathology Laboratory Equipment

Histology and Pathology Laboratory Equipment

Histology is the study of tissues, especially their microscopic anatomy, and pathology is the study and diagnosis of disease. Histology And Pathology Laboratory EquipmentHistology and pathology are sciences that are often used together in biology and medical laboratories. Histology and pathology laboratory equipment are tools that help to prepare and examine tissues.

Microtomes produce thin tissue slices, and tissue processors automatically prepare tissue samples for study, freezing stages quickly and uniformly freezing samples, and cryostats keep them frozen. Thermoconductive platforms keep your sample at a constant temperature, either warm or cold, while transporting or analyzing the specimens. There are automatic slide dryers, stainers, and labelers to help minimize error, time, and expense when preparing slides of the samples. Of course, once samples have been processed and are ready for analysis, microscopes are used to analyze the tissues.

Histology Embedded Biopsy Cassette Autoslide Slide Maker Stainer Bench-Top/Portable Cryostat Temperature Controlled Freezing Stage for Microtomes

Considerations for purchasing histology and pathology laboratory equipment

Histology and pathology laboratory equipment can differ among instruments. For instance, microtomes can be rotary, radial, or vibrational. The thickness of slices they are capable of making and the adjustability of the thickness are also features to keep in mind. For the slide labelers, some do text, some do barcodes, some can print logos, and some can do more than one of the label types. The histology and pathology lab equipment that helps to prepare samples for analysis vary in their capacities and speeds, so choosing the right ones depends on the volume of the lab. The equipment that controls sample temperatures can have different temperature ranges and times to desired temperature.

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