Laboratory and Industrial Freezers

Laboratory and Industrial Freezers

Laboratory and Industrial Freezers

Many labs are in the market for a laboratory or industrial freezer because the energy efficiency of newer models provides a relatively quick return on investment. Laboratory and industrial freezers keep samples, reagents, and pharmaceuticals at the proper temperature, and come in upright, chest, and benchtop models.

Do I Choose a Laboratory or Industrial Freezer?

What are you storing? Common lab freezer types include ultralow-temperature (ULT) freezers (–45 to –86 °C), –20 °C freezers, cryofreezers and cryogenic shippers, blood bank and plasma models, liquid nitrogen freezers, and freezers for flammable material storage, which may feature hermetically sealed compressors and spark-proof construction.

What Are Some Useful Features of Laboratory and Industrial Freezers?

  • Look for safety features such as audible or visual temperature alarms, keyed or password-protected locks, and battery backup
  • Microprocessor control enhances temperature consistency
  • Consider a radiofrequency ID (RFID) system for sample identification and tracking.

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