Micromanipulation Equipment

Micromanipulation Equipment

Micromanipulation is a method of manipulating things on a microscopic level using movement smaller than a human can Micromanipulation / Microinjectionmanage. A micromanipulator is a tool that allows the user to move an input device that correlates to much more precise movements on the object being manipulated. Micromanipulators are used in the semiconductor industry, genetic engineering, in vitro fertilization, cell biology, and virology. Microinjection is one form of micromanipulation in which a substance is injected into a single cell, such as sperm into an egg or DNA fragments, to genetically modify the cell. There are several instruments used in micromanipulation and microinjection, such as the micromanipulator, microinjection systems, and micropipette pullers and bevelers, which allow a lab to produce and bevel its own micropipettes.

Considerations for purchasing a micromanipulation system?

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Micromanipulation systems and their accessories can vary based on the type of work being done; for instance, a semiconductor manufacturer may not need a microinjector, but may need a micromanipulator. When choosing tools to make and shape pipettes, look at the size of pipette tips that can be made, how many can be made at once, and if the bevel angle is adjustable.

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