Platelet Equipment

Platelet Equipment

Platelet Equipment

Platelet testing and storage equipment, such as aggregation systems, incubators, and shakers, are used by clinicians and researchers for platelet function analysis, the study of cell fragments that help control bleeding.

What Are Different Types of Platelet Equipment?

  • Platelet aggregation systems, or aggregometers, provide vital information on platelet function and physiology by recording the rate at which platelets stick together, useful information in the diagnosis of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia and hemostasis disorders, and in anti-platelet drug monitoring.
  • Platelet incubators provide a controlled-temperature environment (often within ±0.5 °C) to maintain platelet viability. Features include chart recorders, air flow systems, and microcontrollers. Both compact and floor-model types are available.
  • Platelet agitators and shakers ensure safe platelet storage along with continuous side-to-side motion

Where Is Platelet Equipment Used?

Equipment for platelet testing and storage is commonly used in blood banks, clinical research labs, and hospitals.

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