Lab Canister Cleaners / Canister Cleaning Systems

Lab Canister Cleaners / Canister Cleaning Systems

Lab canister cleaners are used in laboratories to prepare canisters for use. The canister cleaning systems remove impurities from the lab ware so that they can be reused without contaminating the next sample. Any lab that reuses it’s canisters could benefit from a lab canister cleaner, be it a medical, research, or industrial facility. Canister cleaning systems use forced gas and vacuum pumps to remove unwanted particles from the canisters.

Key considerations for purchasing a lab canister cleaning system

Various canister cleaning systems have different answers to the questions of how many cleaning protocols are available, can a custom protocol be created and stored, what is the capacity of the lab canister cleaner, and does it runs self diagnostic tests, so knowing what a lab needs from it’s canister cleaning system is important to choosing the appropriate one.

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