Portable Laboratory Equipment / Field Testing Equipment

Portable Laboratory Equipment / Field Testing Equipment

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Portable Lab EquipmentPortable, field-ready laboratory equipment can range from truly handheld single-function instruments, often battery-powered, to suitcase-sized systems with comparable capabilities to their benchtop counterparts. Advances in miniaturization mean that today’s field testing equipment minimizes the tradeoffs among portability, sensitivity, and resolution often seen with older systems.

Applications of Portable Lab Equipment

Application scenarios range from an environmental scientist measuring TOC in water samples to analysis of petrochemicals with a portable XRF analyzer. Additional areas include food-and-beverage analysis and forensics.

  • Environmental Testing
  • Forensics & Security
  • Food & Beverage Testing
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • and more….

Portable GC-TMS Portable Water Quality Meter Handheld XRF Spectrometer Handheld Raman Spectrometer

Range of Instrumentation: How to choose the right field instruments?

Choosing the right portable laboratory equipment is based upon the required testing methods on the field. Field-portable instrumentation can measure pH, turbidity, CO2, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity, or combinations of these using a variety of sensors. Of note is a transportable GC-MS that’s ready for use from a cold start in 5 min. Handheld Raman spectrometers; portable FTIR gas analyzers, some with wireless capability; and infrared and NIR instruments are also in high demand.

Considerations for purchasing field testing equipment ?

Considerations for purchasing portable and field testing equipment includes portability, battery-life, weight, testing performance, and more. However, despite the portable nature of these instruments, please keep in mind that the price range may vary between product types.

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