VOC Preconcentrator (Volatile Organic Compound Pre-Concentrators)

VOC Preconcentrator (Volatile Organic Compound Pre-Concentrators)

It is often difficult to test air, soil, or water for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) because of their diffuse concentrations. Using VOC preconcentrators can help rectify this problem. Volatile organic compound preconcentrators use collection plates that have strong interactions with VOCs and can collect the volatile organic compounds from the sample. By concentrating the VOCs into one area, their detection is made much easier. VOC preconcentrators are used in environmental and industry labs to test for contaminants and toxic organic (TO) compounds.

Considerations for purchasing a VOC preconcentrator

Volatile organic preconcentrators have several characteristics that can vary from one system to the next. For example, sensitivity, detection range, temperature control and validation, and how the end reports are printed and stored are not uniform throughout the industry.

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