Beverage Testing Equipment / Beverage Analysis

Beverage Testing Equipment / Beverage Analysis

Beverage testing equipment, used for beverage analysis, includes instruments used to qualitatively and/or quantitatively determine what is in a beverage. Used by the beverage industry for both development and quality control, beverage analysis can be used to make sure electrolytes, additives, or alcohols are present in the correct proportions and that contaminants, such as melamine in milk products, are not present at all.

The beverage analysis can be done 1) by chromatography, where the liquid is run through a column and the components filter through at different rates, creating a chromatogram and allowing for analysis, or 2) by mass spectrometry, where the liquid is vaporized and the ions in the gas create a spectrum that can be analyzed.

Considerations for purchasing beverage testing equipment?

Because beverage testing equipment can use different methods for analysis, knowing what you are looking for can help you decide which instrument is right for you. Columns for making chromatograms can be more conducive to finding electrolytes or proteins, for instance. HPLC chromatograms can be better for quantifying additives and preservatives. Some beverage testing equipment only tells you what components are present, while others can also tell you how much is there. There is also targeted and nontargeted beverage testing equipment, and the right choice would depend on whether you are looking for specific components or need to know everything that makes up the beverage.

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