Food Analyzer / Food Analysis Equipment

Food Analyzer / Food Analysis Equipment

Food analysis equipment analyzes the components of food. Used by the agricultural industry and food manufacturers to ensure product safety and for quality control, food analyzers play an important role in the food industry.

There is food analysis equipment that uses gas chromatography/mass spectrometry to detect the presence of pesticides in produce. There are food analyzers that are used to grow and count bacterial colonies from samples of the food. There are also food analyzers that determine the fat, oil, or protein content and those that do flavor analysis.

Considerations for purchasing food analyzers?

Various factors help you decide which food analysis equipment is appropriate for your needs. Whether the testing is for quality control or to find contaminants, the budget that can be used for food analysis equipment and the amount of food testing to be done need to be considered before a purchase. The food analyzer should also be checked for sample size needed and sample capacity, the types of analysis that can be done, speed of the analysis, and ease of use.

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