Refractometer / Brix Refractometers

Refractometer / Brix Refractometers


A refractometer determines the refractive index of a liquid, gel, or solid sample by measuring the angle of refracted light as it passes through the material. Blood protein concentration, salinity, and sugar content are a few properties that can then be calculated. Refractometers are used in many industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, and gemology.

What Are Different Types of Refractometers?

  • Handheld or portable refractometers can range up to 95% Brix and are available in tradition manual types and digital versions. Digital refractometers may offer enhanced water resistance and very high temperature tolerance.
  • Automatic refractometers, both handheld and desktop models, take automated measurements, thereby reducing operator error and providing faster results. Some automatic refractometers have the ability to interconnect with other instruments such as pH meters, density meters, and polarimeters.
  • Benchtop Abbe refractometers are commonly used for solids testing and are known for their wide range and high accuracy.

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