Fuming Chamber / Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chambers

Fuming Chamber / Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chambers

Cyanoacrylate fuming chambers are used in forensics and crime laboratories to process evidentiary items such as latent fingerprints while eliminating user exposure to hazardous chemical fumes. Cyanoacrylate polymerization is accelerated through solid-state heating, and recirculatory design eliminates the need for ducting. Sizes of cyanoacrylate fuming chambers range from walk-in chambers to units less than 2 ft wide for smaller labs or mobile crime labs.

Handy features include microprocessor control of cycle time, temperature, and humidity level between 50 and 80%. Manual or automatic options are available, including full automation of the hotplate, door lock, internal circulation fan, and purge cycle. Audible and visible alarms as well as a tamper-resistant compartment help maintain the necessary chain of custody.

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