Laboratory Furniture

Laboratory Furniture

Furnishing the Lab

Lab FurnitureOutfitting the laboratory with proper furniture makes a measurable difference in terms of the area’s work flow, safety, and operator efficiency and comfort.

Lab benches, chairs, stools, tables, work surfaces, and storage cabinets are used in all types of facilities, including medical, chemistry, and life science labs.

What to Consider When Choosing Laboratory Furniture?

Work flows tend to change quickly in today’s labs, one reason for the popularity of modular benches and worktops. Consider carefully the need for height adjustability or a chemical-resistant surface area such as stainless steel or epoxy resin.

Although capacity and footprint are important considerations for storage cabinets, safety should take priority. Chemical storage cabinets may be ductless, connected to an existing fuming system, or have a built-in filter system.

Polypropylene Lab Storage Cabinet Metal Lab Storage Cabinet ADJUSTAbench Workstation Upholstered Seat with Backrest

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