Autosamplers replace manual sampling and injection by automatically selecting a sample and inserting it into the inlets of the instrument. In addition to freeing up the operator’s time, autosamplers eliminate sources of error and provide better reproducibility and accuracy, especially when working with very low volumes. Autosamplers are available for GC applications, such as liquid injection, static and dynamic headspace, SPME, and purge and trap, and for HPLC applications, including liquid injection, sample prep, and fraction extraction. They are used in medical and forensic labs and in the environmental, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Autosamplers can handle vials, tubes, microtiter plates, and PCR plates. Sample capacities vary, but can reach up to an eight-rack unit that holds 720 samples, and instruments for low- to high-volume applications (0.1 to 5000 µL). Options include integrated stirring devices, vertical configurations requiring minimal bench space, shaking capability, and metal-free sample channels. Easily programmable field samplers are also available.

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