Lab Oven

What’s cooking in the lab oven?Lab Oven

Laboratory ovens, also referred to as laboratory furnaces, are used to sterilize biohazard waste, dissecting instruments or media/reagents for aseptic assays.

They are also used for drying, heating, testing environmental stresses, such as changes in temperature, light and humidity. Laboratory ovens can be used in various laboratories, such as a diagnostic laboratory to dry microscope slides, a research laboratory to test products at different temperatures for stability, or an industrial lab using a walk in autoclave to sterilize a large piece of equipment.

What to consider when choosing a lab oven?

Laboratory ovens are available in an array of sizes. They can be smaller in size, such as a benchtop oven or a freestanding unit. Some feature portability, which is useful when working across multiple locations. Additionally, working temperature range is key and depends on your application. Maximum temperature also varies ranging from -185C for a stability chamber to 350C for drying ovens.
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