Laboratory Glassware Washer / Laboratory Glassware Dryer

Laboratory Glassware Washer / Laboratory Glassware Dryer

Why use a laboratory glassware washer/dryer?

Laboratory Glassware WasherLaboratory glassware washers and glassware dryers are general lab equipment for routine cleaning applications. Required in research laboratories, these instruments are designed to remove organic and inorganic compounds from beakers, flasks, cylinders, and other laboratory glassware.

How do I choose a laboratory glassware washer/dryer?

The first step in choosing a laboratory glassware washer/dryer is to determine how much space your laboratory can accommodate, which will determine the capacity, dimensions, and type.

There are several types of laboratory glassware washers/dryers, such as undercounter, freestanding (also known as floor models), and portable types.

Key features to keep in mind include:

  • Cleaning mechanism
  • Washing temperature range
  • Drying method – these can vary between models and manufacturers

Other considerations include the noise levels, wash cycle/programs, energy efficiency, and network compatibility.

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