Rheometers / Viscometers

Rheometers / Viscometers

Viscometers measure the viscosity and flow properties of a fluid; rheometers, their more sophisticated cousins, measure the way a fluid responds to applied shear or stress, potentially providing data on material structure and elasticity.

Applications for Rheometers and Viscometers

The instruments find use in any area that requires the study of flow properties, such as

  • Food-and-beverage testing
  • Chemicals
  • Materials science
  • Cosmetics
  • Petroleum, and more.

Range of Instrumentation

Types range from simple mechanical viscometers to high-end units for complex rheological measurements, including falling or rolling sphere (ball), falling or oscillating piston, cone and plate, rotational, vibrational, and capillary formats.

High Resolution Research Rheometer Viscometer Viscometer Capillary Rheometer

Considerations for purchasing Rheometers and Viscometers

Varying levels of temperature control and automation, computer operation, rotational speed control, measurement range, ability to measure small quantities of sample, and ease of use ensure that an instrument will meet your exact specifications.

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