Sample Preparation Equipment

Sample Preparation Equipment

Proper sample preparation, such as homogenization of samples for analysis and particle size analysis of solid substances, can impact assay throughput, quality of data, and cost of analysis. Sample Preparation

Laboratory mills, grinders, jaw crushers, and presses are used for sample prep of solid samples.

Automated dilution and dosage systems, for use with both solid and liquid samples, ensure accurate weight/weight or weight/volume ratios.

Manual and automated sample prep equipment is used in chemical, biotech, medical, forensic, and environmental analysis labs.

What Are Considerations When Choosing Sample Preparation Equipment?

The final result you hope to obtain from the sample will help narrow down the choice of instrument.

With laboratory grinders, for example, cutting, shearing, pressure, friction, or impact force may be used to obtain a final fineness as low as 0.1 µm.

Ultrasonic homogenizers or sonicators for use with fluid samples can achieve speeds of 35,000 rpm.

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