Labware and Supplies

Labware and Supplies

Labware and supplies are the basic tools researchers and technicians use to help them do their jobs in the lab, and it is vital that they be reliable, easy and safe to use, and cost effective.Labware and Laboratory Supplies

What constitutes labware and laboratory consumables?

Such consumables for the laboratory are abundant and varied, which include:

  • Cell Culture Consumables
  • Clinical Consumables
  • Cryoware
  • Environmental Sample Containers
  • Filtration Products
  • General Labware
  • Invitro Fertilization Consumables
  • Manual Liquid Handling
  • Microplates
  • Microscope Slides
  • PCR Consumables
  • Plastic Packaging
  • Reagents, Standards, and Chemicals
  • Sample Collection and Storage
  • And more

Range of Lab Consumables

Options in lab supplies and labware are numerous, depending on the type of lab, and includes tubing,microplates and microtiter plates, flasks, beakers, cuvettes, magnetic stir bars, PCR supplies, carboys,tanks, and various types of safety equipment.

Nalgene™ 1L Super-Speed Polycarbonate Centrifuge Bottles Nalgene™ 13L Double Port HDPE Jerrican Nalgene™ Single-Use PETG Erlenmeyer Flask Nalgene™ 65 Braided Platinum-Cured Silicone Tubing

What are key tips to keep in mind when purchasing labware and other supplies in the lab?

Choosing the right supplier or manufacturer out of the many available options can also be tricky. Certainly as you are in the market to purchase supplies for the lab, your application is at the foremost; for example, are you looking for labware in bioprocessing, general research, or food testings? Keep in mind quality, durability, sterility, safety, dimensions, and regulatory compliance – to name a few! Material is also another consideration; consider whether glass or plastic labware is the right choice. Unless storage is limited, take advantage of the savings that often comes with purchasing in bulk.

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