General Labware

General LabwareGeneral labware products are available in a broad range of types, materials, sizes, and configurations to meet the demanding needs of various applications. Labware can be used in the lab as standalone (e.g. storage) or work with equipment (e.g. incubators, freezers, shakers, etc.).

What is labware comprised of?

Labware includes various types of supplies for the laboratory, which are include (but are not limited to) beakers, bottles, carboys, jugs, jerricans, detergents, flasks, tubing, boxes, and more!

What are considerations for purchasing labware?

Choosing labware is a frequent task for the lab. It is important to keep in mind that when choosing labware to make sure that the material type (e.g. polycarbonate, HDPE, etc.) is certified for the type of work your lab is doing; regulatory compliance for your laboratory’s applications. Quantity and overall life of the labware should also be kept in mind.

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