Laser Optics

Laser lenses, beamsplitters, mirrors, and filters are examples of laser optics, components that feature specific optiLaser Opticscal coatings or substrates for use with certain laser types or over particular wavelengths.

A laser optic’s damage threshold, and whether it is compatible with a particular laser type such as a pulsed or continuous wave laser, should be a primary consideration to avoid damaging the component.

Applications for laser optics include beam steering and material processing.

What Are Different Types of Laser Optics?

Beamsplitters split light beams depending on length, intensity, or polarization.

Laser lenses can focus or shape laser beams, and laser filters reflect or transmit the light.

Excimer laser mirrors are offered for wavelengths including 157, 193, 248, 308, and 353 nm.

Laser windows are used to increase transmission of specific wavelengths or as a safe surface through which to view a laser.

Excimer Laser Mirrors Laser Line Polarizing Cube Beamsplitter Laser Line Non-Polarizing Beamsplitter Tip/Tilt-Mirror

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