Optical Equipment and Instruments

Optical Equipment and Instruments

The goal of optical equipment is to produce better quality images faster and easier.

Optical instruments and systems, microscopy accessories, and laser components, such as drivers and power supplies are fundamental tools in research, biotechnology, and semiconductor industries.

What Are Different Types of Optical Equipment and Instruments?

Vibration isolation tables provide extreme stability for laser platforms and semiconductor tools.

Thermoelectric cooler (TEC) controllers maintain 0.1 °C temperature stability for laser diodes.

Accessories used in microscopy include light sources such as fiber-optic, xenon, and fluorescence illuminators; motorized filter wheels and optical shutter systems; micromanipulators and positioners; and various types of stages, including XY stages, Z stages, and rotary stages.

Piezo nanopositioners and scanners are available with frictionless guiding systems for improved resolution and straightness.

Optical Shutter Optical Laser Optical Stage Optical Scanner

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