Distinctness of Image Analysis (DOI)

Distinctness of Image Analysis (DOI)

DOI: Materials Smoothness Analysis

Distinctness of Image AnalysisDistinctness of image analysis is a technique using the scattering of light to determine the smoothness of a reflective surface. Distinctness of image analysis is used in industries such as automobile and glass manufacturers for quality control of their finishes. The smoother the surface, the less scattering of light will occur and the sharper a reflected image will be. Light will be scattered by any imperfection on the reflective surface, so the higher the distinctness of image, the more perfect the finish on that surface will be.

Considerations for purchasing a Distinctness of Image Analysis System

When researching a distinctness of image meter, there are some things to keep in mind, including the size of the meter, the finishes it can be used for, and the ease of standardization and use.

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