Microscope Accessories

Microscope Accessories

Looking for microscope accessories?Microscope Accessories

Microscopes are used in many different types of laboratories—medical, chemical, and industrial are just a few examples. Everywhere a microscope is used, microscope accessories are used as well. Microscope accessories help to make the microscope more effective.

The use of microscope accessories:

From cleaning the microscope, using lens cleaner and lens cleaning paper, to preparing samples to be viewed with slides, coverslips, dyes, and immersion oils, to allowing the sample to be seen more easily with eyepiece adapters, polarizers, illuminators, additional lens, and cameras, microscope accessories cover a wide range of products.

The applications for which the laboratory uses microscopes will help determine what accessories are needed:

  • Microscope maintenance
  • Sample preparation
  • Magnification
  • and more…

All microscopes need to be kept clean, so cleaning accessories are useful, but not all labs look at samples that need to be dyed, and those that do may only need eosin Y dye and not methylene blue.

Microscope objective lens Microscope Translation Platform Micromanipulators CMOS Camera

Other things to keep in mind:

Other features that may vary among microscope accessories include the brightness of an illuminator, the magnification power of an additional lens, and whether the slides are flat or concave.

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