Flash Point Tester

Flash Point Tester

A flash point tester is an instrument that determines the flash point of a sample, which is the temperature point at which the sample vaporizes to another composition state in the air that can be ignited. At that moment, the flash point apparatus can determine and measure the vapor pressure change in which this occurs, also known as the lowest limit of flammability. Therefore, vapor concentration can be determined by temperature. There are two main types of flash point analyzers: open cup flash point testers and closed cup flashpoint testers. The open type is intended to simulate an open and natural environment, whereas a closed type is more commonly used in laboratory testing.

Applications for flash point testing

Determination of flash point is useful for a variety of applications, such as determining the flash point of diesel and other fuel types in petrochemical analysis, flavors in food testing, paints in materials testing, and waste removal for environmental analysis.

Key considerations for purchasing a flash point tester

When looking to purchase a flash point tester keep a look out for the type, measuring temperature range for sample analysis, and standard method accreditations. Other helpful variables to keep in mind include the minimum sample volume, analysis time, and the capability for autosampling, which allows for more than just one analysis to take place at a time.

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