Electronic Test Equipment

Electronic Test Equipment

Electronic test equipment is used to test components of electronic devices to determine if they are functioning correctly. Useful Electronic Test Equipmentto any entity that makes use of electronic devices in manufacturing or analysis, electronic test equipment can help with troubleshooting when something goes wrong with the electronic equipment. By creating signals that are sent to the devices being tested and collecting their responses, the electronic testing equipment can tell you where the problem is.

Range of electronic test equipment:

Electronic test equipment includes a power supply, a device to generate the signal, and a device that can read the response to the signal. The signal can be digital or sent steadily or in a pulse; the instrument used for the response will differ depending on what is being measured. Voltmeters measure volts, ohmmeters measure resistance, ammeters measure current, and multimeters measure all three. There is electronic test equipment to measure electric and magnetic fields (EMF meter) and to measure charge (electrometer). Oscilloscopes show you how voltage is changing over time. Some electronic test equipment includes a switching system that allows them to switch quickly from one device to the next, reducing both errors and the cost of the testing.
Multimeter High-Voltage Source-Measure Unit Multimeter Inspection Microscope

Applications include:

  • Production testing
  • R&D
  • Semiconductors
  • Materials Testing
  • and more

Other things to keep in mind:

Key specifications to keep in mind when choosing to acquire electronic testing equipment includes type of instrument, measurement modes (voltage, current, etc.), portability, battery life, and data acquisition capability.

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