Bio-Rad iCycler w/ MyiQ PCR & Computer Software loaded , manual and 60 day warranty The iCycler thermal cycler provides optimum performance for PCR and other thermal cycling techniques. Incorporating a Peltier-driven heating and cooling design, the iCycler delivers rapid heating and cooling performance. Rigorous testing of thermal block temperature accuracy, uniformity, consistency and heating/cooling rates ensures reliable and reproducible results. The MyiQ Optical Module, builds upon the strengths of the iCycler thermal cycler, and provides an easy and efficient means for single-color experimentation. The CCD detector allows for simultaneous imaging of all 96 wells. This results in a comprehensive data set illustrating the behavior of the reactions during each cycle. Simultaneous image collection ensures that well-to-well data may be compared reliably. The MyiQ system reports data on the PCR in progress in real-time, allowing immediate feedback on reaction success. All of these features found in the MyiQ system hardware were built to promote reliability and flexibility. The MyiQ Optical System Software includes the features that make software easy and useful. The software is designed for convenience – offering fast setup and analytical results. The functions are presented graphically to minimize navigating through menus. Tips on usage are available as your mouse glides over the buttons. The MyiQ software automatically analyzes the collected data at the touch of a button, yet also allows for significant optimization of results based on your analysis preferences. The MyiQ Real Time PCR Detection System for Single-Color Experimentation   Thank you for looking at our items. You are always welcome to come by and inspect the item(s) before you bid. If you are local, we would always prefer you to come and pick up your won items. We are located at CAL-L ENTERPRISES 9751 Independence Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311 TEL: 323-394-7124 FAX: 818-668-5064 EMAIL: cal-l at att dot net WEBSITE: cal-l dot net HOURS: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm We are more than happy to meet with you, just give us a call to set up a time. Shipping costs ARE AN ESTIMATE ONLY!!