JULABO’s F12-EC with proportional & integral temperature control and a temperature stability of ±0.03°C. Temperature range from -20°C…+95°C.This unit has a large, bright digital temperature read out, with analog temperature setting. Equipped with full-range-cooling throughout the entire temperature range, high heating/cooling and pump capacities for reliable performance. A very small footprint makes this a cost-effective solution for small-scale lab applications        -20 – 100 °C temperature15 L/min pump flow340 mbar pump pressure±0.03 °C temp. stabilityCooling capacity  100 W (at 0°C)150 W (at 20°C)L × W × H 36 cm × 20 cm × 55 cm, overallBath Opening L × W × H 16 cm × 15 cm × 15 cm