Molecular Devices SpectraMax 340 With Computer and Software Softmax PRO 5.4   SpectraMax 340PC384 Absorbance Microplate Reader enables data acquisition in endpoint, kinetic, and spectral scan modes at wavelengths across the visible wavelength range, with the only temperature-independent method of pathlength correction. Features Eliminate the need for purchasing and changing out filters Read up to 6 wavelengths in endpoint or kinetic mode Monitoring of temperature-sensitive reactions with consistent temperature regulation from ambient to 45°C. Thorough mixing of samples in microplate wells by user-programmable Automix feature Seamless automation coupling with the StakMax System The patented multichannel optical design of the SpectraMax® 340PC384 mimics a dual beam spectrophotometer, measures each sample in the plate directly, and eliminates measurement error due to variations in light output between optical fibers on other instruments for more reliable data reporting. The eight-channel system delivers both high precision and speed when reading 96- and 384-well microplates for endpoint measurements, kinetic assays, and spectral scans.     Thank you for looking at our items. You are always welcome to come by and inspect the item(s) before you bid. If you are local, we would always prefer you to come and pick up your won items. We are located at CAL-L ENTERPRISES 9751 Independence Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311 TEL: 323-394-7124 FAX: 818-668-5064 EMAIL: cal-l at att dot net WEBSITE: cal-l dot net HOURS: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm We are more than happy to meet with you, just give us a call to set up a time. Shipping costs ARE AN ESTIMATE ONLY!!