ORA System 2000 with VerifEye + TechnologiesORA System provides key intra-operative measurements for refractive cataract surgery to improve precision of surgical implantation of intraocular lenses (IOLs)Complements Alcon’s Verion image-guided pre-operative diagnostic system by measuring and confirming lens selection and placement when implanting IOLsDesigned to increase surgeons’ clinical confidence with IOLs to deliver improved patient outcome.The ORA System, which complements Alcon’s Verion image-guided pre-operative diagnostic system, allows surgeons to see incisions and IOL alignment in real time to support optimal positioning of IOLs during cataract surgery. The ORA System performs additional measurements to confirm the surgeon’s lens selection and placement within the eye. Alcon plans to integrate the ORA System into its existing cataract refractive suite which includes: VERION, the LenSx femtosecond laser, the Centurion phacoemulsification system, and the LuxOR LX3 microscope. The ORA System is currently the most advanced intra-operative diagnostic tool for cataract surgery available with over 200,000 procedures performed and 345 units placed to date globally.“Alcon is continuously seeking new ways to address the needs of cataract patients, particularly those who live with astigmatism and presbyopia,” said Jeff George, Global Head of Alcon. “The ORA System provides intra-operative measurements which are not available with current pre-operative technologies and is designed to help surgeons improve patient outcomes through optimal IOL selection and placement during surgery.”The ORA System obtains intra-operative wavefront data during cataract surgery to calculate IOL power, as well as magnitude and axis of astigmatism. The marriage of the ORA System and Alcon’s Verion imaged-guided system is intended to increase the surgeon’s clinical confidence when using IOLs, which include advanced technology intraocular lenses for the treatment of presbyopia, and astigmatism. Ultimately, the combined technologies are designed to improve patient outcomes and enhance the overall post-surgical patient experience with IOLs.“The ORA System has proven that there is real value in technology that is both patient and provider-centered,” said Tom Frinzi, WaveTec President and CEO. “As a leader in eye care, Alcon is the right company offering the global reach and resources necessary to ensure this technology benefits patients and surgeons alike worldwide.”