Perkin Elmer ProXPRESS 2D Proteomic Imaging System Comes with computer What if you could find more low abundance proteins on your 2D gels? Uncover relevant data you’ve not seen before? When your work involves unraveling the mysteries of the proteome, such discoveries could change the course of your research. SYPRO Ruby stained 2D gel Silver stained 2D gel Use ProXPRESS 2D in combination with ProFINDER™ 2D Gel Analysis Software and protein stains, such as SYPRO® Ruby, for unprecedented sensitivity in detecting low abundance proteins. The ProXPRESS™ 2D Proteomic Imaging System will reveal proteins you otherwise wouldn’t even know were there. It’s a high-speed CCD-based imager with superior sensitivity, resolution and a wide dynamic range. ProXPRESS 2D provides accurate, reproducible detection and quantitation of low abundance proteins— so you never have to wonder if you’ve missed them again. Why is ProXPRESS 2D so much better than other imaging systems in finding low abundance proteins? It’s because the system’s high resolution detects a statistically significant number of data points per protein spot, meaning more accurate and reliable measurements of your 2D gels. The result? Reliable discrimination of low-abundance proteins. Every experiment. Every gel. The ProXPRESS 2D is truly High Content Proteomics™ at its best—maximizing results while minimizing sample.   Thank you for looking at our items. You are always welcome to come by and inspect the item(s) before you bid. If you are local, we would always prefer you to come and pick up your won items We are located at CAL-L ENTERPRISES 9751 Independence Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311 TEL: 323-394-7124 FAX: 818-668-5064 EMAIL: cal-l at att dot net WEBSITE: cal-l dot net HOURS: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm We are more than happy to meet with you, just give us a call to set up a time. Shipping costs ARE AN ESTIMATE ONLY!!